Apache web server is the most widely used on the Internet. The program was first designed for the UNIX operating system environment. However, at some later versions of Apache issued a program that can run on Windows NT. Apache has a massive support program. This provides a fairly complete service for its users. Some support Apache:

  1. Access Control.-This control can be run by hostname or IP numberCGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  2. The most famous is to use Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language), supported by Apache by placing it as a module (mod_perl)
  3. PHP (Personal Home Page / PHP Hypertext Processor); -CGI program with such a method, which processes the text and working on the server. Apache PHP support by placing it as one of its module (mod_php). This makes the performance of PHP better
  4. SSI (Server Side Includes)
The Apache web server has the advantage of some of the above considerations:
1. Apache included in the category of freeware.
2. Apache easy installation process when compared to any other web server such as NCSA, IIS, and others.
3. Capable of operating on a variety of operating system platforms.
4. Easy to set the configuration. Apache has only four configuration files.
5. Easy to add other peripherals into a web server platform.

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